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Why open an Original Marines franchise store?

Because for nearly 30 years Original Marines has been reliable and successful;

Because the Original Marines brand is famous abroad and its products will sell;
Because the Original Marines fashion collections are designed for all the family and therefore have a heterogeneous and varied target: the stores are Family Stores and every member of the family – parents, teenagers, children – can find clothes suitable for them;

The Original Marines products have very convenient prices compared to other products of the same kind;

Because every Original Marines store is part of an economically successful business and is backed by a group ensuring stability, safety and all the necessary support;

Finally, the Original Marines collections are always fashionable because they adapt to the current trends and people's tastes.

Affiliation programme

Affiliation programme
The affiliation programme implies IMAP Export S.p.a. and the owner of the new store enter a contract, in which all the duties and rights of the parties are listed. The conditions apply for the duration of the contract. The programme is based on two principles, protecting the Original Marines and Family Store brands and granting new affiliates the chance to run their own business.

The affiliation programme includes:

  • Use of the Original Marines and Family Store brand names is free and limited in time;

  • Minimum duration: 5 years;

  • Delivery of a letter of guarantee (amount to be defined - based on estimated goods order amount and on the economic forecast analysis);

  • Original Marines has the right to ask for reference letters for every would-be new store-owner;

  • Freedom to choose which items to buy according to the Original Marines commercial policies;

  • A price list with prices recommended by Original Marines;

  • Insurance against theft, fires and third party liability is compulsory;

  • IT systems must be installed in the store;

  • Assistance provided to the affiliate during training activities and before the store opens;

  • Partial payment of shipping expenses;

  • No royalties;

  • No minimum order;

  • Assistance and training for the whole duration of the contract;


Our brand never abandons its affiliates because Original Marines always offers all the support needed in the starting phases.

Our assistance includes the following:

  • Identifying the area to set the store up in;

  • Support and verification of the location suitability;

  • Budget;

  • Continual training programme, before and after the opening, focused on Original Marines style, goods knowledge, warehouse management, visual merchandising and window dressing, software, retailing techniques and customer service; training course provided by the Company, accommodation excluded;

  • Providing instruction booklets;

  • Visual marketing support (POP Kits, Sales Kit, Promotional Materials, Brochure, 4 catalogues per year);

  • Store design;

  • Periodical visits from the area consultants;

  • Sales monitoring;

Choosing to join the Original Marines family means starting a professional growth journey leading to success, with the support of a reliable guide that is always prepared to supply all the necessary help. Every store has its guardian angel"


There are some basic requirements to open an Original Marines store.
Every Family Store must be in areas with high numbers of pedestrians and in a catchment area with at least 30,000 inhabitants. The surface of every store must be at least 100 - 120 square metres (plus an average warehouse area of 30 sq. m). Shopping/main streets/areas, with relevant foot-fall or main Shopping Malls are preferred store locations.
Furniture and equipment must be bought from the suppliers that designed the image of the Original Marines stores. The approximate price of said furniture is about 600/650 € per square metre. Funds and loans can be obtained from IMAP Export S.p.a.
The technical facilities and setting up the store must be paid for separately, although IMAP Export S.p.a. will supply a design at no additional cost.
Please download the information leaflet for all the information about the contract with Original Marines.


In this section you can find answers to some of the most common questions that are addressed to the company by those who are interested in becoming Original Marines affiliates.
If you have any curiosity, you can submit a new application to the editor, who will respond as soon as possible.

1. Where can I find all the information to become an affiliate?
Please download the information leaflet for all the information about the contract with Original Marines.

2. What is the Original Marines affiliation system?
The Original Marines affiliation system is a contract based on the continuous collaboration between IMAP Export spa (a company with considerable experience in the field of clothes and fashion) and the affiliate (an independent business that aims at increasing its profits and the revenue of the business by opening an Original Marines Family Store).

3. What is the typical Original Marines affiliate?
An affiliate is a skilled businessman who complies with the conditions listed in the contract. By entering the contract, he/she joins and complies with the Original Marines franchise system.

4. Do I have to pay to join?
Affiliates do not have to pay entry fees to enter the Original Marines affiliation contract.

5. Do I have to pay Royalties?
The Original Marines affiliation contract does not include royalties.

6. WilL I receive training?
Absolutely! Continual training programme, before and after the opening, will be provided by the Company, accommodation excluded. It will be focused on Original Marines style, goods knowledge, warehouse management, visual merchandising and window dressing, software, retailing techniques and customer service.

7. What are IMAP Export spa and Original Marines?
Original Marines is the IMAP Export spa brand and for more than twenty years the company has been working in the field of casual wear for families. Over the years, IMAP Export spa has developed its own distribution and commercial structure, based on over 600 stores in Italy and abroad, gaining an amazing 'know-how' concerning management of single-brand stores. As a chain store, Original Marines shares its business assets with the affiliates, coordinates and controls the group's activities and supports the network of stores (direct stores and franchises).